As I write this my father is in the ICU with COVID thousands of miles away and I have to get some of these feelings out of me and into words.

I grew up the majority of my life as the child of a single parent, my father. I had a mom across the country, and eventually a step-mom. Before I even knew what a bond was I just knew matter-of-factly that it was just me and my dad. We were these two people in a hard world that just had one another to rely on. One of his favorite…

Four weeks post election, and in the White house

Every aide was on the job hunt except for one louse

The evidence he was shredding and deleting with care

For fear that President Biden would soon be there

The Trump children all sleeping upside down did dream

As head trump grows weaker, comes a new trump supreme!

As trumps stubby digits tweeted fraud and,he would never concede!

Even fox news said he lost, 2nd place, he was a loser indeed.

Trump looked out his window after hearing such a clatter

It was protesters with signs saying “EVERY VOTE MATTERS”



Dear Jesse,

There are many things that remind me of you during the holidays: that revolting green bean casserole with the onions on top that you love even though you hate onions; slightly warm, flat champagne; slightly warm, flat beer; that ficus tree that we stole from your step-mother’s clinic when we broke in to raid the pill closet on Christmas Eve and I split my driver’s license trying to jimmy the closet door open like they do on the movies; pots and pans, because they always remind me of that time that you and Nick passed out at…

I met John in Manhattan while I was there to perform in a standup show. It was my first show located in a New York borough that was not Long Island. My friends and family were coming in from all over to visit and see me perform. I made my way to Grand Central Terminal to meet my friend Amanda, whom I hadn’t seen in over a year. It was freezing that night and thanks to my Southern California sensibility I was wearing a pointless unwarm scarf, along with thin skinny jeans. When she finally arrived, we went to the…

I am a child of divorced parents. So divorced I cannot recall ever seeing them in the same room besides once at court when my mother dressed me as a girl to try to disguise me so my father could not take me back. This story is not about that but remind me, and I will tell you sometime. My father had custody of me, and I would see my mother for the summer and winter school breaks. Single parenting leads to having babysitters. I had a huge variety of babysitters, some completely normal well-adjusted people, but once my father…

One summer day, when I was 21, I shattered my elbow in three places. How? I will tell you!

My elbow had swollen to the size of a grapefruit, so I called my father to take me to the hospital. He was not happy as he had already taken his sleep medication for the evening. It was 4 pm. Having no insurance in Little Rock, AR, I went to a free care hospital. The care wasn’t actually free; they just couldn’t refuse anyone service. They would still send you a bill. I sat in the waiting room on a Friday…

Growing up in the throes of poverty I didn’t get to experience a lot of luxuries. My father and I lived in hotels, homeless shelters, and would couch surf with church families while going from city to city.

Even though we didn’t have a lot, one thing remained constant. Movie and Pizza night. Every Friday my father would get us a pepperoni pizza and we would go to the video store and I got to pick out a movie. I was only allowed to shop from the interior of the store where you would find your older, less expensive rentals…

In a summer in the 21st century of our lord, I worked as a bartender in the Berkshires, Massachusetts. The place was called Spice and at the time it was the most upscale establishment I had ever worked, and I had once worked bar called “The Boy ButterBarn.”

Spice was always a buzz with local crowds of upscale locals, artists, weekend New Yorkers, and theater goers. Right across the street from Spice was the Barrington Theater Company. Every summer season brought in droves of people to come see musicals, and plays.

This summer of our lady (year redacted) West Side…

For a period of time in about the second grade, my father and I lived in a homeless shelter in Albuquerque, New Mexico. This was during a transition after he had graduated law school but before he was able to get his law licence. He had moved there for a job opportunity that ultimately did not pan out. The name of the shelter was Joy Junction, which my classmates in school lovingly called “junkyard junction”.

The Shelter had a large main room with lots of pullout couches lined up in long lines, a kitchen on one wall, and private rooms…

Jesse Suphan

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